Start Here

How We Got Here

Writing poetry is nothing new. Putting it on postcards is not original.

But what about taking those things and turning them into a genuine conversation? What if we could build a community from paper, ink, and postage stamps?

It’s hard to remember now when this idea first came to me. It was inspired, in part, by nights with my friends at Short Order Poems and a summer with the August Poetry Postcard Fest. The former gave me a chance to write a poem for a woman with cancer as a voice of comfort; the latter helped me share the grief of losing my grandmother as I sent my heart through the mailbox. In both cases, I knew that writing something that connects to another person is all I ever want to do.

Enter this project.

Sure, for now, the poems are written by me. The thing that sets them apart, though, is the act of participation from you: the commission of a phrase, a person, a memory you want to relive, to see on a fresh page; the chance to share that opportunity with someone you love; the invitation to keep the conversations going both ways as long as you like.

Please join me.

About Me: I come from Tulsa, Oklahoma, but claim the North Side of Chicago as my grownup home. As a child, I never got tired of listening to my grandmothers or falling asleep on their couches (I still don’t). My day jobs have taken me to soup kitchens, college classrooms, and all over urban landscapes. I currently make a home with my husband and a cranky old cat. You can find examples of my work here and here. Occasionally, I’ve been known to blog over here.

Some People I Love: Charles Olson, Toni Morrison, Rocky Balboa, Sandra Cisneros, George Saunders, Chris Traeger, Wes Anderson, Anthony Rizzo, Walker Percy, my grandmothers, Jane Addams, David Lynch, Rush (the band), people who hang around soup kitchens, Michael Scott, J.D. Salinger, my nieces, Maira Kalman, anyone who has a dog—and you, if you’ll let me